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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jeannie Haddaway On The Administration's Announcement Of Long-Delayed Bridge Project

Lt. Governor candidate Jeannie Haddaway on the Administration's announcement of long-delayed bridge project:
"It's great that the Eastern Shore is finally getting a new Dover bridge, but this project should have been completed much quicker and for less money. The O'Malley - Brown Administration, in a flailing attempt to justify the gasoline tax increase, is trying to take credit for the Dover bridge that was already funded in the last decade. When this Administration took over, $41 million previously set aside for this project suddenly vanished. 
"Now, nearly ten years later, the Administration is ready to hold a press conference. As we've seen with other transportation projects across the state, the O'Malley - Brown Administration takes the money, spends it on whatever they want, then warns us that roads and bridges are falling apart and raises everyone's taxes to fix the problems they created.

"They are hoping that everyone forgets that tax payers are required to pay twice due to their reckless spending policies. This is also going to cost $9 million more now that the project has been delayed."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this deal in perspective for the taxpayers. Maybe now, Senator Colburn will return to his Republican roots. He has been a disappointment kissing up to the dems.

Obama Crooked Motors said...

Colbourn is not a Senator, but I hear your point. Jeannie said it right. As far as Im concerned Anthony Brown is just another OweMalley clone representing Welfare crowd of western shore. Unless we get somebody else than Democ-rat on the Governor seat, things will not get any better.