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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Bottle Bill Seeks To Boost Recycling Rates

A new environmental measure is taking some of the older senators back to their childhood days — a bottle deposit program proposed by Sen. Brian Frosh.

“I remember when you could bring empty bottles back to the store and you’d get ten cents for each one — me and my friends used to save them up to go to the movies,” said Sen. Joanne Benson. “Whatever happened to that?”

In an effort to further boost recycling in Maryland, Frosh has taken that old, familiar program and modernized it in his bill. He presented the bill during a Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs committee hearing on Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

Do NOT be fooled.

This is just another new tax on the poor nothing more.

Delaware used to have this then after a few years they dropped the charade and just called it a tax. After all that is all it is.

Anonymous said...

Especially when it is written into the bill that no one has to facilitate the buy back option of all those cans and bottles. No one is required to buy them back from you. No one (store) is required to participate other than taking your money when you buy the product.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to using good grammar, Sen. Benson. "My friends and I," not "me and my friends."

Anonymous said...

Where do these libtards come up with this stuff?
Can't they just stay the heck out of other peoples lives?

Steve said...

Actually Delaware HAD a 5 cent REFUNDABLE deposit. It NOW HAS a 4 cent NON-REFUNDABLE TAX on beverage bottles. It made no sense to repeal the DE bottle bill. Ten ten bottle bill states recycle more containers than the other 40 states combined. Bottle bills are the most effective way to increase recycling and reduce litter. Don't be fooled by the industry: they want to pass on the cost of litter cleanup, recycling & trash collection & disposal to local government and taxpayers. The citizens support bottle bills.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore's #3 "America's Dirtiest City" (TRAVEL+LEISURE) and a disgrace to Maryland. Where is Sen. Frosh on encouraging "Baltimorons" and Ravens fans NOT to illegally trash out their 92 square miles of "charm city" with nasty, disease-breeding solid wastes?