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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The courageous, honest words of a man who will be inaugurated this weekend as the President of the United States. With wisdom like this, how could the country go wrong? The spending won’t matter until it matters. The entire world has watched the United States add $10 trillion of debt in the last 12 years through money creation, interest rate manipulation, currency debasement, inflation and accounting fraud without destroying ourselves. YET.

Now Japan, Europe, China and other countries around the world are simultaneously attempting the same solutions. It will not end well. So we will keep spending, borrowing and printing until the entire Ponzi scheme collapses in a giant implosion. Then our beloved leader will use his emergency powers to save us. Now hand over your guns.


Anonymous said...

so true, wake up america before its too late. thanks sjd

Anonymous said...

China is going to want to collect on the massive amount of money the U.S. has borrowed. You will see Federal lands, mostly those wil oil and mineral deposits-- given to China. Why do you think Obama refuses to let us drill here?