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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is the end game guys. When we first uncovered evidence that the global credit crisis in 2008 was caused by acknowledgement among the cronies there are no mortgages in the mortgage backed securities, we sensed it was all part of a larger plan.

People have focused on the bailouts and are incredulous that the bad actors who stole $13 trillion in pensions and another $7 trillion from homeowners in equity and illegal foreclosures have not been indicted.

Well, I have a different point of view. I believe that the Federal Government is the driving force behind the seizure of private property and are using the banks as their agents. The banks get to keep their spoils and the Federal Government gets to keep the land.

As many of you who are investigating the identity of your true creditor now know, the Federal Government is buying up all of our mortgages, and burying the evidence.

The Federal Reserve KNOWS there are NO MORTGAGES to back the MBS. Why the hell are they buying $45 Billion in empty MBS per month?

Well, I’ll tell you why. The Federal Government plans to pay our sovereign creditors back with OUR property and public land.



Anonymous said...

The DHS is stockpiling guns and ammunition. Obama wants to disarm the citizenry. When we are disarmed the plan will be implemented to give China the land.

Alex said...

11:22, I think your land will be given to Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Look up all the tankers of our water from our rivers and lakes we are selling to China.Our own people are selling us out for greed.