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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Change Maryland On Governor O'Malley's Offshore Wind Proposal

Note: In the third try in as many years, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is attempting to push an offshore wind scheme onto Marylanders. The following statement is from Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan who wrote about this last year in the Baltimore Sun. 

Annapolis - "It seems that Governor O'Malley's main goal is to make gasoline and electricity more expensive for Marylanders already struggling under 24 other tax increases. He is again pushing to increase the gas tax and to force the cost of electricity to go up.

"The Governor's offshore wind proposal has already been tainted by crony capitalism and has green energy debacle written all over it. There is nothing in this proposal that prevents politically-connected insiders from reaping huge financial rewards off the backs of Maryland rate payers.

"This scheme is simply another tax increase by another name, forcing ratepayers to subsidize a box to be checked for O'Malley's presidential to do list. When the results of the financial waste become clear, O'Malley will no longer be governor, but we will still be paying the bills for decades to come. Renewable energy is too important to let personal political ambitions ruin it."


Anonymous said...

If putting up electrical generating windmills 10 miles offshore in salt water would be a profitable venture, private companies would be out there building them today.

This is the reason they are not there.

Some wind farms have been put up on land, but I really haven't seen stories about the huge profits being produced making the headlines. Have you?

Anonymous said...

OMalley should install windmills at the state capital and his home, and pledge only to work when they provide enough energy to run those buildings. In that case he would become an absentee gov. "wind works for maryland", right...

Bob Aswell said...


Most people in Md.think he's doing a wonderful job. They elected the rube, LIVE WITH IT. He could give a damn less what ANYBODIES electric bill is. HIS IS FREE. If he's for it there's SOMETHING IN IT FOR HIM and other Democrats in Annapolis.
The next time USE YOUR VOTE MORE WISELY...!!! (I also realize now NO BODY VOTED FOR HIM they say).

Bob Aswell