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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clouds Over Obama's Second Term

Rarely have second terms lived up to the hopes and expectations of presidents or their electorates.

FDR's began with an attempt to pack the Supreme Court by adding new justices and a second Depression of 1937. He was rescued only by the war in Europe in 1939 and the GOP's nomination of "the barefoot boy from Wall Street," Wendell Willkie.

What can be called Harry Truman's second term was a disaster.

In 1949, the Soviets exploded an atom bomb and China fell to Mao. In 1950, the Rosenbergs were convicted as atomic spies for Stalin and North Korea invaded the South, igniting a three-year war Truman could not win or end.


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Anonymous said...

It is the judgement of God on this country that this man is in power when we are facing the most dangerous times that this country has ever seen internationally and domestically. The deep dark storm clouds are to the west and moving quickly. Meanwhile the sheep are outraged that Beyonce lip-synced the national anthem at the inauguration. God help us.