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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Redbook Ticks Off Internet After Copying Blogger’s Idea

Here’s the thing about the Internet: It can facilitate the spreading of ideas and information at an astounding rate, but this dissemination can come at the expense of that materials’ source. So at what point does a cool notion go from being the brainchild of an individual to becoming something owned by the faceless hive mind?
Just think of all the photos you see posted to Facebook that are already three generations removed from a source that may or may not be the original. How many jokes get passed around with complete disregard to the author?

It’s exactly this sort of question being raised by blogger Jen Yates, most widely known as the mind behind, who in April 2011 posted a clever instructional piece (on her other site on how to turn a typical wire clothes hanger into a hanger specifically for flip-flops (and other lightweight shoes).

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