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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Study Says Calories Cause Weight Gain, No Matter Where They Come From

We all know people obsessed with fad diets — no carbs, high-protein, juice cleanses — but it seems it comes down to the simple fact that if you eat too many calories, you will gain weight. A new study says it doesn't matter where those calories come from in your food, if you ingest a high amount of calories, you'll pack on pounds.

Reuters cites a new study where researchers experimented with subjects on various levels of protein in their diets. They found that as calories increased, people on low-protein diets gained less weight overall, but lost muscle and replaced it with fat. High-protein diets added more weight, but subjects also gained lean healthy muscle.



Anonymous said...

These studies are necessary because so many of you dum dums believe whatever you see printed in your latest edition of Vogue or being sold to you on tv. It's not that hard people; eat a balanced diet that limits overconsumption of calories and excercise atleast a couple times a week.

Anonymous said...

6:40 AM

Gee, you should send that in to the Medicine they can have a laugh too. lol