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Thursday, January 05, 2012


ANNAPOLIS (January 5, 2012) - Today State Senator Nancy Jacobs becomes the latest opportunistic, out of ideas Maryland GOP lawmaker wishing to abandon permanent minority status in Annapolis by running for Congress. Jacobs announcement confirms that the leaderless Maryland Republican Party will continue to support far right, tea party candidates who put party ideology ahead of middle class families.

Nancy Jacobs has set her ambitions on higher office after 13 lackluster years in the State Senate and three failed terms in leadership, where she oversaw the Republican caucus dwindle to barely a dozen members. Jacobs tenure in Annapolis has showcased her radical devotion to extreme and divisive positions and unwillingness to come together. Jacobs has voted against unemployment benefits, a greenhouse gas reduction plan, a living wage, and balanced budgets.

If allowed to bring her failed obstructionist tendencies to Washington, Nancy Jacobs would actively contribute to the political dysfunction. Jacobs would join the GOP in voting against repairing our roads and bridges, keeping teachers, cops and firefighters in their jobs, giving middle class families a tax cut, and fulfilling our promise to veterans and seniors. That is the last thing Marylanders need.

Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger is a proven and effective advocate for Maryland families. Representative Ruppersberger and Maryland Congressional Democrats seek to bridge the partisan divide and consistently support common sense solutions to move our country forward.


Anonymous said...

3 long paragraphs of how "bad" my opponent is, and 1 short one (2 sentences) of how "good" our guy is.... says a lot about a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Democrats control Maryland.If you disagree with them, this is how you are portrayed."Lackluster,
failed terms,radical devotion to extreme and divisive positions and unwillingness to come together,
political dysfunction.How could a republican cause this given the political makeup of this state.Time to look at whos really to blame for the dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

8:28. I agree. Democrats have been running this state for nearly 50 years. There are almost no republicans left. And yet they still blame republicans for how bad of shape the state is in. tsk, tsk, for the fools who continue to vote democrat.