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Thursday, December 20, 2012


The Newtown Bee is a local paper where Friday's awful school-shooting took place. Monday, they found it necessary to post a Facebook plea asking their colleagues in the national media to, "PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE VICTIMS."

What's most infuriating, though, are the comments left by those who identify themselves as Newtown residents and visitors. They've detailed some truly outrageous and insensitive behavior they claim to have witnessed the media engage in -- including being lied to by CBS, calls at all hours, cameras staking out funeral homes, and more...

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Anonymous said...

I've been saying that for couple of days now. I just had to quit reading or watching it. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

If the victims and victim's family members do want to talk they will themselves contact the media as did the parents of victim Grace McDowell.
I'm sure some do have something they would like to say, but it has to be on their own terms.