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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christopher Johnson Walks Into Va. Sandy Hook School With 2X4

A man walked into northern Virginia's Sandy Hook Elementary School on Wednesday with a 2-by-4 printed with the words "High Powered Rifle" and was quickly subdued by a school resource officer, the sheriff's office said.

Christopher G. Johnson, 33, did not resist arrest and was attempting to deliver a message "related to school safety," said Maj. Scott Proctor of the Shenandoah Sheriff's Department.

The school located about 50 miles west of Washington shares the same name as the Connecticut elementary school where 20 schoolchildren and six adults were shot to death by a lone gunman on Friday.



Anonymous said...

Good job. He points out the bare truth: that even after such a horrific event, the school officials are still unarmed, incompetent, and safety of the children is still wide open at the lowest priority. My son's school is the sane, there is only a panic bar and latch magnet, no magnetic lock. There is usually a student there waiting at the door for a ride that will let me in with the panic bar without having me touch the call box. We need the Maglock.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and we also need to train and arm our entire teaching staff for our children's protection. After all, all our teachers could pass an ordinary background check, and if they can't, they needn't be teaching our children.

810 ish

Anonymous said...

Good for him, and I thank you, sir, for caring about tomorrow's security.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like he is trying to get 2X4's banned in this country. There didn't seem to be any problem with him getting in the building, so this school must not have any type of security in place.

Anonymous said...

If it were a high powered rifle he could have easily shot the lone resource officer and as many children as he wanted. Hopefully they shot this idiot in case it was a trial run.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Johnson should be praised for his courage. He brought to light a valuable lesson that being the lack of security and how easily just any stranger can walk in.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is missing the biggest point of all. It is time to rethink big government schools. Why should I be compelled to send my child to a big governemnt school and rely on them to protect my child?
Why shouldn't I have a choice where my child receives an education? Why do I have to pay for this government monopoly?