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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Regulators Want To Lock Steering Wheels Of Convicted Drunk Drivers If They’re Intoxicated

How do you keep a convicted drunk driver from climbing behind the wheel while intoxicated? Just lock’em out, say federal regulators. Federal safety regulators are pushing for a policy that would allow for special ignition interlock devices to be installed in the vehicles of convicted drunk drivers. The devices would lock up if the driver tries to go anywhere while intoxicated.

The National Transportation Safety Board is a fan of the idea, and says such a gadget policy would help prevent traffic collision deaths, reports the Los Angeles Times, especially those caused by drivers going the wrong way. Around 60% of wrong-way accidents involve drunk drivers, says the NTSB. The interlock devices would be mandatory in the vehicles of all drunk-driving offenders, even first-timers.

“Technology is the game-changer in reducing alcohol-related crashes on our nation’s roadways,” said NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman. “Achieving zero alcohol-impaired driving-related deaths is possible only if society is willing to separate the impaired driver from the driving task.”


Anonymous said...

Just shoot em'.They are perfectly willing to kill us.Why not get them first?

Anonymous said...

This is one nanny-state idea I am 100% okay with!

Anonymous said...

Do as they do in Turkey, they kill them becouse they are disreguarding public safety and are trying to kill inocent people.

mack said...

Why not get a DRUNK DRIVER REGISTRY like we have set up for sex offenders ??? Hey "JOE" that may be your next project to work on ?? Since the sex offenders list is SO effective in stopping sex offenses , so maybe we can stop drunk drivers the same way by posting them on net and having them report to police stations for prints / pictures / addresses / tag numbers and etc. to track these killers..

Anonymous said...

Impound their cars until they are able to legally drive without the interlock. Make those bastards walk and maybe they might learn a lesson. Or just shoot them.