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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Removing "Drum Major" Quote From Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

The Interior Department said it's solved a nagging problem: what to do with that "drum major" quote on the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. It will remove the quote rather than replace it. The Park Service will carve scratch marks over the lettering so it blends in with other parts of the sculpture. Secretary Ken Salazar says the decision comes after consultations with a range of stakeholders. Critics had complained that the paraphrased quote made King sound arrogant and missed the full meaning of his speech. The King family wanted the full quote used, but the sculptor said that could weaken the structure. Work begins in February.


Anonymous said...

Daily Times must have helped with the quote.

Anonymous said...

They need to remove the whole thing, he as a person was a lier, a criminal, a whoremaster, consorted with known extreamist and terrorist, why hell, he is just like Obama, so I guess it can stay, afterall, the stupid people of the USA just voted this lier back in!