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Friday, September 21, 2012

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Confederate flag no longer part of the show

Well now. My oh my.
What long has been a strategic marketing tool and stage backdrop for Lynyrd Skynyrd is no more.
That would be the Confederate flag.


Anonymous said...

Lynyrd Skynyrd died in the plane crash.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you Lynyrd Skynard lost a fan and I will never listen to their music again. Another sign of weak Americans caving in to liberal criminals.

Anonymous said...

it's a rebel flag darn it. I agree i'm no longer a fan either. it's got nothing to do with racism (at least not for the past 50 yrs!). It represents the south. i don't think the dukes of hazard were racist were they? They have stopped making the general lee toys with the flag on the roof.

Anonymous said...

Bow down to the pressures of the minority. Don't dare let history stand in your way. Those who feel that the Confederate flag is a racist symbol are showing their true racist colors. Don't like something? Label it racist. Can't or won't work as hard as someone else? Label them racist.


Anonymous said...

it is actually the confederate battle flag not the official flag of the confederate goverment. its a shame the band bowed down. most people confuse the two flags. thanks sjd

Anonymous said...

9:31 PM

The confederacy had many flags, this is only one of them and one variation of this one.

You cannot change history or the way people feel merely by trying to ban something so they will no longer see it so readily.

Take for instance the swastika. It has stood for many things. But the thing most people associate it with is Nazi Germany.

It was in existence long before Hitler adopted it as his parties symbol.

Truth sometimes is a long way from what people actually perceive to be true.

Anonymous said...

ronnie would roll over in his grave. its a shame. never let the world change who you are.