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Friday, September 21, 2012

Maryland's Unemployment Rate Inches Up Again To 7.1%

Annapolis - Maryland's unemployment rate inched up to 7.1%, marking months of consecutive upticks since January's rate of 6.5%,  in the latest state employment picture released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The preliminary August numbers show a slight gain in employment due to July numbers that were revised downward by 1,600 jobs.  In August, Maryland payrolls increased by 1,400 over July.

The slight change in employment numbers, however, is not enough to lift Maryland out of the doldrums when it comes to competing with neighboring states.  

"We are lagging in job growth in the region and are simply not competing with our neighbors," said Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan.  "This year's performance on job growth is abysmal as it has been since 2007."

On a percentage basis of jobs lost, Maryland's decline of 1.4% since January of 2007 is the second-worst in the region after Delaware. 


Anonymous said...

I think it's higher than that, those #'s are BS

Most places won't even accept a resume or even have paper applications anymore. It's all done online. 1000 people applying for 1 job!

Anonymous said...

O'Malley built this.

Anonymous said...

Maryland is over regulated and over taxed. What do you expect. But, like Obama, OMalley blames George Bush.

Anonymous said...

If it's this high in Md with all the government jobs available, what's it like in the rest of the country?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that a lot of people willing to work, (including my wife and myself) have picked up second part-time jobs. This is at least partly because of higher taxes, fees and gas prices. We had to do it to meet our existing obligations.

Were not alone, as 60% of my fellow workers are now working more than a 40 week. If taxes, fees and gas could be brought back down, these part-time jobs could be relinquish without the individuals' standards of living going down. These jobs could then shift to the unemployed returning the State to full employment. This would reduce State expenditures and make the higher taxes and fees unnecessary.

The only problem is trying to explain this concept to Governor O'Monkey!

CHILLIN YO said...

Tel you what Shorty, I gets a nice check every month and I have the latest Obama Cell Phone. Man, I am up-town!