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Friday, September 21, 2012

SHA Plans To Improve Snow Hill Intersection By Adding J-turns

Work on a reconfiguration of the intersection of Routes 113 and 12 in Snow Hill is expected to begin during the fall of 2013, following the Worcester County Commissioners’ push for a higher safety level there.

The improvements will be J-turns, which will be used to direct traffic away from the intersection. Instead of crossing Route 113, motorists on Route 12 who wish to continue on Route 12 on the other side of Route 113 would turn right onto Route 113 and then make a later turn left to reach the continuation of Route 12.

“It solves the far side accidents,” Matt Allen of Wallace Montgomery, the firm that did the traffic studies and engineering designs, said during Tuesday’s commissioners’ meeting. “That’s what this configuration solves.”



Anonymous said...

400k to design? someone is wasting some cash

Anonymous said...

What are they thinking??

Anonymous said...

J turns work quite well in N. Jersey, once people get used to it.

Anonymous said...

How can a bus on route 12 make right turn then go up and make left turn on narrow dual highway to get back to route 12 a bus or truck can't make that sharp of a turn.

Anonymous said...

It makes the turn fine, it just means the accident will be farther down the road. Trying to make things safer is a fine idea but J turns are not it. Smarter drivers would help but that isn't feasible either.

Anonymous said...