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Friday, September 21, 2012

An Entrepreneur’s Dream

Yesterday, Governor O’Malley joined Startup Maryland and dozens of local entrepreneurs and small business owners for the first-ever “Pitch Across Maryland Bus Tour.” The two and a half week tour is designed to connect entrepreneurs to our robust infrastructure of incubators, colleges, small businesses and research facilities while at the same time helping them highlight and promote their business ideas. Before Governor O’Malley joined everyone at BWTech@UMBC he hopped on the bus and did an interview with the co-chairs of Startup Maryland. We wanted to share his behind-the-scenes interview where he talks about why Maryland is one of the best places for entrepreneurs to start a business.


Anonymous said...

start a business in md? are they crazy?
go to delaware, virginia, anyplace

the maney you save in taxes and fees will be worth it

Anonymous said...

i dont kknow how omalley can tell so many lies with a straight face. all he knows is tax and spend certainly not the right place for a new business. thanks sjd