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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Security Guard For Conservative Group Shot in DC

A Virginia man suspected of shooting and wounding a security guard at the Washington headquarters of a social conservative lobbying group on Wednesday made a negative reference about the organization's work before opening fire, a law enforcement official said.
Police said the man, identified as Floyd Lee Corkins II, entered the front lobby of the Family Research Council in downtown Washington around 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, began arguing with a security guard and then shot him in the arm. Corkins, 28, was restrained by the wounded guard and others and was being held Wednesday night on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, the FBI said.


Anonymous said...

Democrat here. If the man went in there with the intent to terrorize anyone, then he committed an act of domestic terrorism. I hope he gets charged appropriately. This kind of thing isn't acceptable from either side, and it needs to stop.

Anonymous said...

The democrat party used to be though of as the party of acceptance and tolerance who has taken over the party ideology?

Anonymous said...

The democrats were never the party of tolerance and acceptance. You are mistaken. In the 60's they were the party of the KKK and in the 70's were taken over by the so called peace loving hippies that bombed police stations. Which has led us to today where they now hate all the people with common sense that don't want all this gay pride and civil rights crap shoved down our throats. If you want love and tollerance you should be in church on Sunday and not voting democrat.

Anonymous said...


Keep that up. It's making it so much easier for us to win elections.

Anonymous said...

If truth wins elections the Democrats are sunk!

Anonymous said...

Well to tell the truth it wasn't Democrat or Republicans.

It was white people. Stop trying to put it on a party.