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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Romney’s July Cash Haul Brightens GOP Mood

Erasing all doubts about his fundraising abilities, Mitt Romney on Monday announced that he and his allies raked in $100 million for the second straight month, again topping President Obama and handing the Republican a much-needed public relations boost as he prepares to accept his party’s presidential nomination this month.

As recently as January, when the candidate was in the middle of a bruising primary, Mr. Romney’s fundraising was giving Republicans pause. But since acquiring enough nomination delegates, the former Massachusetts governor has been unstoppable.



Anonymous said...

What is sad is that we really need every dollar we can get to defeat Obama, and the local republican’s that have rented a space for the republican headquarters here in town, are actually charging rent!!! Money that could be used to help put Romney in the Whitehouse, but these greedy local republican business owners are taking money from the campaign instead of donating an already vacant building that won’t ever get a tenant till well after the election and the economy improves.

Anonymous said...

Smart money isn't betting on Jimmy Carter Jr.

Anonymous said...

Three relatively recent Presidents won the position while raising less money than their opponents.

Anonymous said...

145-There has never been a sitting President win re-election when outraised. I don't know where you got your "information", but it's wrong.

Anonymous said...

Which incumbent presidents were outraised by their opponents 1:45? I heard this was a first.