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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

OGE Missed Signs Of GSA Ethics Violations, Memo Says

A memo by a government watchdog group finds the General Services Administration's ethics program received high marks in a November 2010 study from the Office of Government Ethics. The OGE report was released one month after GSA threw the lavish Las Vegas conference that led to the firings of top officials, the resignation of Administrator Martha Johnson and a slew of congressional hearings.

The review by OGE said GSA's ethics program appeared "effectively administered and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies." In addition, OGE said GSA had developed "model practices" for ethics procedures.

But, Cause of Action said OGE missed obvious warnings in its review of GSA's ethics program.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Our government has no ethics anymore.
Just think about it:
Our president is a minority , how can he represent a majority without prejudice? ( impossible)
He has yet to prove his birth place.
All of his people he has appointed have been corrupt in one form or another.
He doesn't like the Christian religion.
He is a virtual liar.
Our gov. on the lower level:
We have elected a mayor in Salisbury Md who is gay , how can he represent the majority without prejudice? He cannot!!
He did not come out of the closet when he was running for mayor , or did he.
These two people want to crucify the people with money and give it to the people who refuse to work.
I always admired people who had nice things and it gave me an incentive to do the same.
The two men are fruitcakes without a brain or the ability to reason for themselves.
Voting time is comming , get out there and make a change for the better.