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Monday, August 27, 2012

‘Baltimore Sun’ Probe Reveals School Officials Spent Thousands On Personal Items

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Fancy dinners on the taxpayer dime. Our media partner, ‘The Baltimore Sun’, raises questions about spending by leaders in the Baltimore City school system. Now, the head of city schools responds to WJZ.
Most could never afford to eat at downtown Baltimore’s high end Center Club. But Baltimore Schools CEO Dr. Andres Alonso and members of the school board spent $1,000 there last year ironing the details of a new contract.
The expense– one of many detailed in a new Baltimore Sun investigation– reveals school administrators have billed tax payers almost $500,000 for dinning and travel over the last year and a half, including $8,000 in Las Vegas, more than $7,000 for a retreat at a Baltimore hotel, even a few hundred bucks at Hooters where some students were taken to lunch.


Anonymous said...

And this surprises anyone?

Anonymous said...

"The Sun also found a charge to Victoria’s Secret. Baltimore City Schools reported it as fraudulent."

What's a girl to do when her undergarment fails at an official conference?

Anonymous said...

Are these the same administrators that over see Perry Hall HS....where on the first day of school they had a shooting?

Lock 'em up Shortyyyyyy said...

FIRE THEM and make them pay the tax payers of Maryland back...

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder what our Bd. of Ed. does with the money, and why year after year they bemoan wanting more?