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Monday, August 27, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden Tells Me Obama May Lose Election

From: Joe Biden
To: Joe Albero
Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 10:59 am

Joe --

The pundits and talking heads are talking about how badly we're being outraised by the other side. You've heard it from us, too.

Three months in a row, Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have trounced our fundraising totals. And, along with allied outside groups, they're using that cash to try to obliterate our side on the airwaves, outspending us in some battleground states by margins of up to three to one.

The pundits are saying this is how we could lose the election. You know what I say?

When you get knocked down, get up. There's no quit in America. There's nothing we can't do.

This week isn't just the Republican National Convention -- it's also the biggest fundraising deadline this campaign has seen, and one of the last. President Obama and I are counting on you.

Please make a donation of $5 or more today:

We've been counted out more than a few times before. It's all on us to prove them wrong again.



P.S. -- I've seen a lot of good campaigns -- with smart, strong candidates and bold visions for the change we need -- go down, simply because they couldn't keep up. Don't let this campaign be one of them.

Dear Joe,

Barack spent his wad early on thinking there was no way he could lose. Meaning, he blew $1 Billion Dollars already. I think it's shameful that ANY candidate should have to spend that kind of money just to get elected.

You've gone from asking for a $3.00 donation these past few weeks and now you want a $5.00 donation, when will you stop? When will you realize you've been defeated? So now it's about the MONEY and NOT about the Candidate.

The democrat party should be ashamed of themselves.


Anonymous said...

Dere, Joe. This is your V.P. I'am sure you have knon sum Presidents intimmintely, intemnlty, intimaltly, oh Hell, at least been close. So give me a breake and send the check.

JoeAlbero said...


Thank GOD said...


Anonymous said...

They should be but they are not. If Obama / Biden really loved this country they would step aside and let Mitt try to fix the mess they poured on us. I really don't think it can be fixed but we have to try. Balancing the budget would be a start. And then reign in entitlements so that only the needy get the money. Just a start...

Anonymous said...

If Obama love the US, he would not have done the things he has. As far as Biden goes...Obama figured he was too ignorant to recognize what was going on.

Anonymous said...

There they go again,Trying to get Romney to let his guard down.That would be a grave mistake.