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Friday, June 29, 2012

This Could Be The Last Year You'll See The Daily Times

In an aggressive move by another Newspaper, the Daily Times will receive the biggest blow of their existence. I had a conversation yesterday with a Publisher who intends to go directly after the Daily Times and based on their history in the marketplace, I'd say they'll destroy them financially.

Based on the timing of the most recent and alleged phone call scandal, it could be curtains for the Daily Times. Bringing in a big dog from up state New York simply won't help, believe me. Their rates are too high, their reputation has fallen to pieces and even after Editor Greg Bassett stated their top list of protocol rules, he instantly violated those rules in the exact article he published them in.

As I stated before, before I ever started Salisbury News I told Greg Bassett and Joe Carmean in a meeting at their Office, if you don't start telling the truth and the real news I'll start my own Newspaper. They said, go ahead, we love competition. I told them way back then, be careful what you wish for boys. At that time they had more than 200 employees, now it's below 15 or so.


Anonymous said...

No big loss.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor to this affect.

Anonymous said...

I can eat my crabs on something else

Anonymous said...

is that a promise or a threat?

Jim said...

I'll beleive it when I see it. A person would have to be insane to try and start a new newspaper nowadays, especially around here.
Wont happen.