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Friday, June 29, 2012

Look At The Conflicts That Were And Will Be Caused By Oil

Michael T. Klare recently gave a presentation titled "The Geopolitics of Oil: Old and New" at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil conference in Vienna, in which he speaks about how no other substance in the world is as closely aligned with geopolitics as oil is.

Klare describes the geopolitics of oil — the intersection of state policy and the pursuit of oil — over the past 100 years, then looks at current and future conflicts zones.

His first point is that oil is crucial to warfare and his last point speaks to how the issue of America's energy future will be pivotal in the upcoming presidential election.



Anonymous said...

Just look at the middle east. We've overthrown gov'ts, killed rulers, armed drug lords and rebels, and what good has that done? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Pure BS! More wars have been fought over religion than all other causes combined.

Anonymous said...

We have more oil here than they do in the middle east just think how many lives could have been saved if the democrats would get out of the way of American oil companies.