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Friday, June 29, 2012


Today at noon on 88.3 FM, Coastal Connections, Bryan Russo will air the interview with Daily Times Editor Greg Bassett, Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton and Maryland resident and Blogger Joe Albero.

UPDATE: I have learned that Bryan will be interviewing Governor O'Malley at noon. The Ireton interview should start around 12:15 to 12:20. GO HERE to listen to it on line.


Anonymous said...

Here's the link to listen live-

Anonymous said...

i missed it! what happened?

Anonymous said...

Jims a bigger man than you, you arrogant dego.

Anonymous said...

Joe, you are from NY, from what I gather, and you also lived and did business in Bowie, Maryland for longer than you have been a Delaware and now a Salisbury city resident, why does Ireton continue to call you a Delaware Blogger?

Even after he's seen your legal Maryland ID, Ireton continues to suggest to media that it is not the case and you are not a Maryland resident. That just further blows his credibility.

Mental state? Pot calling kettle black!

I liked Bryan's question to Ireton, "where is your head at now?" Of course most of us already knew the answer to that question!

I saw the court documents, the court recognizes you as a Maryland resident, evidently!

Anonymous said...

12:46 - Your comment is not true and it's not nice to call people names - Jim has never been a bigger man than anybody - he still plays in the sand with his "bigger" toys maybe, but never a bigger man.

Anonymous said...

Hey it works for a lot pf people to believe the President is a foreign born Muslim so Jim figures if I keep saying Delaware enough fools will believe me.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing such as his accomplishments for the mayor to focus on, so that is why the 'not a resident' trick.

Anonymous said...

RE: 12:46
You must be a "from here". If you are going to disasparagas someone, you could at least spell the disasparagasing term correctily, it is DAGO!

ExBaltimoron John