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Friday, June 22, 2012

Glenn Beck’s Take on Bus Bullying Video and What It Says About Issues in Our Society

The unbelievable video of at first seemingly normal schoolchildren near Rochester, New York, unleashing ten straight minutes of verbal abuse directed at 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Klein went viral Wednesday. The Blaze was one of the first national outlets to report on the disturbing story, and the silver-lining for Mrs. Klein who will at least receive over $300,000 from complete strangers who put together an online fundraiser to pay for a much-deserved vacation for the grandmother. While the fundraising campaign is a compassionate act, it should not tie a happy ending bow on the story that brings national attention to growing problems within our society that need to be addressed. During his GBTV program Thursday, Glenn Beck broke down the painful-to-watch video, as well as what the ordeal reveals about deeper issues with the way we raise our kids and confront cruelty.


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