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Friday, June 22, 2012

SHOCK: Sharpton Blames Holder Contempt Charge On Racism

How easy it must be to live your life as Al Sharpton does.  Only the race-baiting NBC News star can look at the tragic events of the Fast and Furious scandal that ended with the death of a border patrol agent and see Attorney General Eric Holder as the real victim.  

In the Huffington Post yesterday, Mr. Sharpton likened the House Oversight Committee's contempt vote on America's chief law enforcement official to the NYPD practice of "Stop and Frisk" which critics call a racially motivated police state tactic.  

As I marched this past Sunday with tens of thousands in New York in opposition to the abhorrent practice of stop & frisk,' I couldn't help but think of our attorney general. Tattered down and publicly humiliated, AG Holder has been mishandled just like the young Black and Latino men (and women) who are demonized on our streets everyday. Chris Matthews of Hardball on MSNBC concurred: AG Holder is being profiled, stopped and searched.



Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING can be blamed on racism in his world. The whole of his world is to promote it and divide by race.

Anonymous said...

Sharpton may be the biggest racist ever. He actually promotes it.

Anonymous said...

no big shocker here.