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Monday, February 27, 2012

Can Obama's Detention Plans Be Stopped?

A bipartisan team ranging from former Al Gore consultant Naomi Wolf to Ronald Reagan Justice Department official Bruce Fein have committed to working with state and local governments to make sure the citizen detention plans signed into law by Barack Obama are not enforced.

“Journalists aren’t safe. Union leaders aren’t safe. Activists aren’t safe. Liberty is not safe,” Wolf, an author of half a dozen books, said during a telephone conference call announcing plans.

The focal point of their worry is the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes several sections that provide for the unrestricted detention of even U.S. citizens under some circumstances.

Obama, in signing the law, suggested that such detentions are a possibility but promised not to exercise his power.



Anonymous said...

Not an Obama fan, however, Congress had to pass this bill with Republican support in order for him to sign it. Quite a few people caused this law to take effect not just one man

Anonymous said...

How many other things did Obama promise that never came to be.

Anonymous said...

all hail king obummer!