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Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Labor Camps For Those In North Korea Who Failed To Show Emotion On Death Of Kim Jong-il

North Korean citizens, who did not take part in the mourning ceremonies for the country’s late Leader Kim Jong-il, are facing up to six months in labor camps, Interfax reported January 11.

According to the South Korean media sources, “People’s Courts” took place all over the country starting December 29 to condemn those who did not show enough emotion after the death of “the great leader” Kim Jong-il.



Anonymous said...

In this country your called a racist.

Anonymous said...

This is coming to a country near you. Yep the good ole USA. If you disagree with Obama he can now arrest you lock you up and throw away the key. Without ever charging you with a crime or ever giving you a trial under the new law he signed on New Years Eve. And he has Fema camps all over the country to put you in i,e, concentration camps. And he has even already put military with guns at Social Security offices stopping American citizens asking for ID's. We better hope we get rid of him onelection day and get someone like Ron Paul that puts Freedom and America first.