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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Salisbury, MD -- January 24, 2012 Wicomico County Council members voiced their approval Tuesday to send a letter of intent in support of the Bennett Middle School project to the state Board of Public Works. The County Council held an emergency legislative session on Tuesday regarding the Capital Budget and 5-year program. As part of the $35.2 million total request from county departments, the Bennett Middle School project was the budgetary issue discussed. The Bennett Middle School project, which has been a top priority for County Executive Rick Pollitt, received a favorable 4 to 3 vote from the County Council today one week after the council initially voted the matter down.

“Today, Wicomico County took a giant step forward as a community,” Pollitt said, “We have shown that through collaboration and cooperation, supported by a vigorous body of concerned citizens, local government can change its mind and act responsibly when pursuing a vision for the future of our county. ”

The Board of Public Works – through the Interagency Committee for School Construction (IAC) -- requires that the County Council submit a letter of intent to fund Bennett Middle School. This letter of support will now allow the County to receive state funds – currently recommended at $4.5 million—towards the completion of the project. Pollitt will join other officials from the school system in Annapolis before the Board of Public Works on Wednesday, seeking to increase the level of State funding to as much as $10 million.


Anonymous said...

Rick Pollitt is full of it. He and the Super are the ones who created this mess and now Rick wants to say through cooperation , etc., etc., local government can change and act responsibly. I think the council did act responsibly in its oversite duties of the Executive Branch.

Anonymous said...

I suppose there will now be a section of the new school named after Prettyman.....Maybe Prettyman's Privy....everytime the toilet flushes, she will be remembered lovingly

Anonymous said...

Why can't you just renovate the school. Wicomico Middle is much older. When I went to school none of them had air conditioning. When it was hot we sweated. Guess what it didn't kill us and some of our leaders today managed to keep up their grade averages too.

Unknown said...

Like has been said, the amount of State Funds Wicomico receives for this school is nearly identical to the State's shortcoming in funding teacher pensions. Until a source of new funding is chosen, retired teachers will be paying for this.

All of this is free! Don't you just love it!

Anonymous said...

Teachers pensions are actuarily solid. Of course you have no idea what that means

Anonymous said...

Teachers pensions are solid. Of course you have no idea what that means

January 24, 2012 9:08 PM

I don't know about anyone else but you're right. I don't know what actuarily means.

Anonymous said...

Council of fools!
I really like the Prettymen Privey though. It really hits the target.