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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GOP Angst: Gingrich's Rise Could Be Their Downfall

Washington (CNN) -- Newt Gingrich might have led Republicans to their first House majority in 40 years in the 1990s, but the prospect of the former House Speaker becoming their presidential nominee is producing significant GOP angst.

"If he's the nominee, it's a disaster. There is no way to sugar-coat it," said one GOP congressional strategist describing the tension after Gingrich won South Carolina.

"There is a reason most people who know him best aren't supporting him," said a former House colleague still serving in Congress.



Anonymous said...

I want a president. I don't want a "Mitt or a Newt or a Rick". I don't want a "Buddy-Pal" or a chum. I want a president.

Ronald Paul 2012

Anonymous said...

Newt is still the nest choice the GOP has to beat Obama. Rich Boy Romney can't stand up to him in debate.
His Money is the only reason he is still there.