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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Morning?

By the time I got out of my Downtown Office last night it was almost midnight. I drove home thinking, man, this has been one heck of a long day, it started at 4:30 AM.

I hadn't eaten any dinner and quite frankly wasn't in the mood when I finally got home. I made the attempt to go to bed right away but I couldn't get all of the Council matters off my mind. I'm talking about City and County Council's.

Now you might be thinking, how does Joe feel about things after he's had a night to "think about it". If I had been able to get any kind of real sleep I might have a decent answer. Instead, 5:30 AM came faster than I had hoped, especially after falling asleep around 2:00 AM.

I got my little guy on the bus and headed right back into Salisbury to get my day started on Salisbury News. To my amazement, after I was deep into multiple Posts, the front door opened and it was my beautiful Bride holding my cell phone in her hand. I was so out of it this morning I had forgotten one of the most important tools I own.

Her timing couldn't have been any better too. No sooner did she leave I started getting calls from all over the place. Mind you, mornings are the absolute worst time to try to reach me, unless it's an emergency. We take what we do at Salisbury News very seriously. We set goals each and every morning to research and provide articles in which we feel you'll be most interested in, left or right.

That being said, I have finally finished the "regular Posts" you'd normally see in my name throughout the day and this is the time I can start calling people back, draft my own Posts and deliver my personal opinion about recent matters/issues. However, today I'm just too damn tired at the moment and I have to plan on being at the GOB, (again) at 11:00 AM for the County Council Special Meeting. HOPEFULLY we'll see a lot of YOU there as well. I figure, if I can put in all these hours, its time YOU start participating when we request you to do so.

Councilwoman Stevie Prettyman is by far the most unpredictable Council Member I have ever experiences/seen. I can tell you this. New information will come forward today that should amaze you. Mind you, it's on both sides of the table. I like knowing the Bennett Middle School funding will no longer be a part of the "general funding" but we'll let Council Members explain that deeper today.

Sharee Sample Hughes, (who was expected not to be there) WILL be there today. I'm sure many are crossing their fingers in the hope that the end result will change. I guess we'll all see about that. The KEY to this meeting is as follows, OPEN GOVERNMENT. You have to at least give this Council some credit towards the fact that once they learned of this new information, knowing they could have left things as they were, they have chosen to go public with that information to be fair to the taxpayers.

NOW, that being said, the Board of Education has a reputation of NOT being so fair, yet the personal attacks, (especially anonymous ones) have been extremely harsh. Even former County Council Members and other leaders in Wicomico County have made statements that were not only lies, they were despicable and I hope they're called out today.

Mr. Sarbanes, I have heard some things you have come out and said and quite frankly, shame on you. I'll deal with you head on a little later. Just know Sir, you are on my radar screen and I seriously doubt you want to go toe to toe with me.

Nevertheless, I think its high time the Board of Education start being more forthright with information.

OK, I've had my cup of coffee and I'm ready to go to the County Council Meeting. More to come...


Anonymous said...

Sarbains has a day with destiny with me, that day is growing ever closer.

Anonymous said...

Sarbains has a day with destiny with me, that day is growing ever closer.

January 24, 2012 10:45 AM

Better watch it. Someone will report you to the F.B.I. for internet threats. lol