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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Harsh Bigotry of Twilight-Haters

Why is it that female fantasy is so derided and feared?

Hating Twilight is so 2009, and with the newest installment, Breaking Dawn, ruling the box office, the juggernaut hardly needs defenders. But the virulent seriousness of the haters is surprising. Many of the reviews have heaped disproportionate and moralizing scorn on an Oscar-winning director’s fantasy enactment of a young girl’s dreams and fears. Kristen Stewart and her co-stars have been excoriated for their “sullen” and “wooden” performances despite receiving respectable and sometimes highly favorable reviews in other movies in which they have starred.


Cathy said...

i used to be one of those "haters" until the 1st Twilight movie came tv earlier this year. 1/2 way into i was a fanatic. that same night i watched the 2nd movie and the 3rd i was able to borrow from a friend about a week later. went to see breaking dawn pt.1 this weekend. now i want to read the book to know what happens!

NEVER have i ever watched a movie then said "now i want to read the book(s)!"

its a sexy story. and i'm hooked now.

Anonymous said...

The author is missing a point in order to force her "hating-Twilight-means-you=are-anti-feminist" narrative:

People hate the books because they are trite and not well written. Funnily, she does not address that argument.