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Monday, September 23, 2019

Man Accused Of Shooting At Cops Sues Them For $120M For Blowing Up His House

Michael Grendell filed a $120 million lawsuit following the 20-hour standoff with Maine State Police.

Bangor, ME – A suspect who allegedly shot at police after initiating a 20-hour standoff has filed a $120 million federal lawsuit against the state, alleging that Maine State Police (MSP) interfered with his rights and discriminated against him.

Michael Grendell, 62, claimed the MSP used excessive force by bombing his home and shooting him in the torso and face after authorities say he shot at officers and then refused to drop his firearm after he emerged from the residence, the Bangor Daily News reported.

“No reasonable officer or supervisor could have concluded that robot/bombing Michael Grendell’s home and person and then shooting him in his further disabled state, were in any way constitutionally or legally justified,” the lawsuit read.



Anonymous said...

I guess after that guy in Texas who shot those cops, strapping a bomb to a robot is now standard police protocol.

Anonymous said...

He got zero jail time for shooting a gun at the police. Amazing