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Monday, September 23, 2019

Asteroid dust could fix global warming, scientists say

WASHINGTON — A group of Swedish researchers believe that a cataclysmic asteroid collision from hundreds of millions of years ago could have the answers to solving climate change.

The international study examines the aftermath after a huge asteroid was crushed between Jupiter and Mars sending large amounts of dust through the solar system. The dust had a "blocking effect" on sunlight reaching Earth, causing an ice age and creating climate zones on Earth. Before this, the Earth is said to have had a more homogeneous environment.

Researchers have been discussing different artificial methods of recreating post-collision asteroid dust, such as placing asteroids in orbits around Earth like satellites and having them "liberate fine dust" to block warming sunlight, thus hypothetically cooling our warming planet.


Anonymous said...

Global warming could also be slowed with a limited Nuclear exchange. We can solve two problems with it, blow up San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New York. No more idiot liberal street crappers, and fill the air with dust.

Anonymous said...

The earth has been warming since the ice age