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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Trump Is Turning NATO Into a Viable Military Force

The Trump administration has made great strides in recent months to transform the cash-strapped and perpetually ailing North Atlantic Treaty Organization into a viable global military force that has the capabilities to confront Russia and other rogue regimes allied with terror forces.

Vice President Mike Pence, in wide-ranging remarks on Wednesday before a gathering of NATO members in Washington, D.C., outlined a series of reforms the Trump administration has taken to boost NATO’s military readiness and position it as a force that can combat Russian aggression, as well as that of regional terror groups.

Pence told NATO members the United States "will no longer agree to any measures or treaties that force unilateral disarmament upon us," a direct reference to Russia's continued construction and use of missile systems that violate international arms treaties.

This vision has guided the Trump administration's efforts to push NATO members into contributing greater financial resources to the organization, as well as recent efforts to create joint forces that can deploy to critical areas on the fly.



Anonymous said...

Why does it exist if the military viability isn't there?

Anonymous said...

I smell bull

Anonymous said...

The 2% goal of defense spending from NATO countries was already on par long before Trump ( except Germany). He's just a blowhard trying to take credit

Anonymous said...

Make nato Great for Once