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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Michigan boy, 12, fed up with potholes, decides to fix them himself

A 12-year-old boy in Michigan has decided he's not going to wait for officials to fill the large potholes dotting a street near his home and is instead getting his hands dirty and filling the craters himself.

Monte Scott starting filling potholes last week using a shovel and dirt from his backyard in Muskegon Heights after he grew fed up with the state of neighborhood roads.

“I didn't want people messing up their cars like my mom did,” he told WZZM-TV. “If somebody were to drive down the street and hit a pothole, and then would have to pay like $600-700 to get their car fixed, they would be mad."



Anonymous said...

Local workers will not like this at all.

Anonymous said...

He was arrested this afternoon for interfering with road department operations, contaminating a public roadway with debris, littering, unlawful use of soil in a state throughway.

Could very well happen, remember the arresting of lemonade sellers.

Anonymous said...

The local workers(gulp) must be Union Dumbocrats