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Friday, April 05, 2019

Maryland General Assembly passes legislation barring the seizure of Baltimore homes over water bills

The General Assembly gave final approval Wednesday to legislation that would ban the city of Baltimore from placing liens against homes, churches and other properties over unpaid water bills.

The House of Delegates voted 138-0 to pass legislation by Sen. Mary Washington, a Baltimore Democrat, that had already passed the Senate unanimously. A companion bill sponsored by Democratic Del. Nick Mosby, also of Baltimore, passed the House of Delegates 138-0 in February.

“The Water Taxpayer Protection Act will serve as a permanent safeguard for our most vulnerable residents to ensure that they do not lose their homes or places of worship to tax sale for the most basic necessity of our lives — water,” Washington said in a statement. “After three years of fighting to end the practice of selling homes for unaffordable and incorrect water bills, we have finally passed the legislation our city needs.”



Anonymous said...

so not only do we have to subsidize baltimore sewage plants now we'll end up subsidizing their water to?

Anonymous said...

So the welfare crowd get a free pass ONCE AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't stop them from turning your water off though!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So now they have NO incentive to pay a water bill....and they won't!

Anonymous said...

So guess the tax payers will be talking care of that too
Go figure

Anonymous said...

So these enormously overweight welfare class garbage is slowly getting everything paid for them.

The new Green deal "Income for those that aren't willing to work"

The country of India has a better idea. If you don't work or do something in India to earn money, you don't eat.

India has a ZERO unemployment number.

SHORTY said...


the BIBLE states

IF you dont work
you dont eat