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Monday, March 11, 2019

Women-owned design team builds a business by solving a problem

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of diarrheal and respiratory illnesses. In fact, researchers say a routine scrub with soap and water could prevent 1 million deaths each year.

But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, few follow through with the proper protocol — mainly the soap.

Clean hands are especially important for young children, who are more susceptible to illnesses. Plus, research shows routine hand washing can even advance their cognitive, communicative and motor development.

All of these statistics gave Parsons industrial design students Shubham Issar and Amanat Anand an idea: to make hand hygiene more accessible and enticing for little ones.



Anonymous said...

No need to wash your hands anymore you idiots... Anti-bacterial formulas have been removed from all soaps... You are killing nothing when you wash your hands...

Anonymous said...

At least the one you wipe your bum with.

Anonymous said...

2:41 If you check the research friction created by rubbing your hands together removes more germs than germicidal soaps without a vigorous scrubbing. operating room personell have known this for decades. So run the water and scrub well!

Anonymous said...

2:41- There is no right by this moron. He is only here to bitch and moan. He does it daily. We all know what a pathetic loser he is. It's best to let him continue to be stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. I heard that somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Want to teach kids to wash their hands? Just wait until they have a cold or flu, and tell them they got sick because they DIDN'T wash their hands. Do that every time they get sick, and they will associate illness with lack of hand washing. Now that's a lesson they won't forget.