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Monday, March 11, 2019

Former Maryland handgun board member ejected from General Assembly hearing on abolishing panel

A former member of the state’s Handgun Permit Review Board was ejected Friday from a General Assembly hearing in Annapolis after she refused to end her testimony when her time was up, with an officer yanking her from a chair.
Shari Judah was testifying before two committees on a bill that would abolish the board, which hears appeals of Maryland State Police decisions on people’s requests for permits to carry handguns.
Sen. Pamela Beidle, an Anne Arundel County Democrat, is sponsoring a bill that would disband the handgun board, so applicants would appeal state police decisions on permits to state administrative law judges. Beidle and other senators are concerned that the handgun board too often overturns state police decisions on permits.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So sick of these tyrants!

Anonymous said...

We the People are "allowed" one minute to speak! Why didn't the trooper just take her out in the street and shoot her in the back of the head?
Time to build the gallows?

Anonymous said...

If you saw the video it's a black female state trooper violently yanking the white woman out of her seat. If it was a white trooper yanking a black woman out of her seat you can bet your bottom dollar that the white trooper would have been suspended and waiting charges and arrested. It would have blown up into a racist event and everyone would be demanding the white troopers head.

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