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Monday, March 11, 2019

Iowa Supreme Court rules that Medicaid must cover gender transition surgeries

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled unanimously Friday that Medicaid must cover gender transition surgeries, reasoning that the procedures are medically necessary.

EerieAnna Good and Carol Ann Beal, transgender women backed by the ACLU, had sued the Iowa Department of Human Services for its policy against funding transition surgeries, calling it discriminatory. The DHS had considered transition surgery to be cosmetic without medical purpose.

Iowa Supreme Court Justice Susan Christensen wrote that the DHS' existing "bar on Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming surgical procedures discriminates against transgender Medicaid recipients in Iowa" under Iowa civil rights laws. In 2007 Iowa legislators added “gender identity” to the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

The Supreme Court's decision was to uphold a lower court ruling to undo the ban, which had been appealed by the state.



Anonymous said...

That is soooo messed up!

The taxpayers have to pay for someone that changes their messed-up minds!

Anonymous said...

And who pays for that again?

Anonymous said...

Man this government is way way off track. They've been preparing both on a state and federal level for the backlash of all this ignorance. Why else would they have outfitted local law enforcement with military grade weaponry

Anonymous said...

It was warned before to not give them an inch and now we watch helpless as they take the mile! My god we are stupid. This political correct crap and no spine lawmakers will kill this country.

FREAK SHOW said...


Freak Show....come and see man-girls at our circus

Anonymous said...

Those jurists are just stupid, and have no common sense, no make that no intelligent sense, at all. Medically necessary?? They are just fine as they are, no surgery is needed. They won't die without it, and the surgery will have risks of complications that can be deadly. Altering their bodies to match their mental illness is absurd. I think the Iowa Supreme court has overstepped its boundaries (and their ever-loving minds), and that the SCOTUS will have to put some common sense back into their heads.

Anonymous said...

"reasoning that the procedures are medically necessary."

Ummmm, no they are not. They may be wanted by the individual, but it is not a matter of life and death if they get turned outside-in, or inside-out.

Anonymous said...

guess whos in charge yet? guess whos guiding our lawmakers mind on these laws?

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