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Monday, March 11, 2019

Surveillance video shows mailman macing dog in the face, unprovoked

EL PASO, Texas (KFOX) - A northeast El Paso family is demanding action after video captured a mailman macing their dog for seemingly no reason.

KFOX14 Investigates took their concerns to the post office and animal cruelty unit.

Home surveillance video captures the moments the mail carrier maces the pit bull, while the animal was locked on the other side of a 6-foot fence.

"We want to see what they're up to,” said Donald Ornales.



Anonymous said...

What clown car did the female anchor get out of?

Anonymous said...

If he came back to deliver my mail, I would mace the living hell out of him. I would want to "release the hounds," but they would be undeserving punished. I would return to mace him several more times, and offer tissues to clean himself up, to equate his behavior. Good bye pension, job, and references mailman. If you have a good mail carrier, treat them well. They have a thankless job, and I would be really inconvenienced without them.

Anonymous said...

He should be fired, but there is no mace involved. Pepper spray is not mace. Move the mailbox moron. I know it's not the owners fault but do it to protect your animals.
BTW are the kids on lockdown?

Anonymous said...

I side with the mailman. No mail carrier should be intimidated by a lethal animal just inches away from the mailbox he is supposed to deliver the mail, fence, or no fence. The internet is currently full of pictures of what a cougar did to a tourist that was on the other side of a fence. Inches, folks, from a viscous animal, while trying to deliver the mail. He didn't harm the dog, but he made it retreat from the mailbox. Mail carriers have the RIGHT to deliver the mail without intimidation from a dogs owners. If they don't at least have the courtesy to keep the animal in the house (or confined to another area of the yard) while the mailman makes his rounds to their house every day, usually at the same time, then they should be refused home delivery and have to pick up their mail at the post office.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to spray you. He obviously did NOT feel threatened by the dog he returned 5 times to the dog to spray him. The dog is contained inside of a fence. That is HIS domain. Comparing this to the cougar attack is laughable. The cougar injured the women because it could get it's paw through the fence. The dog can't get their head through the fence to hurt the mailman.