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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

VA Gov. Northam: No ‘Regrets’ on Childbirth Abortion Comments

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam refused to recant his comments in support of legislation that would have allowed women in his state to request an abortion, even as they are about to give birth.

At a press conference Thursday, Northam responded, “I don’t have any regrets,” to a reporter’s question citing criticism that his comments about the legislation were not helpful.

The Democrat governor, who is also a pediatric neurologist, said his comments were “mis-characterized.”



Anonymous said...

seems he has No regrets about Anything !!! Bad Liar too !!!

Anonymous said...

of course he has no regrets he is a democrat they are all evil heartless creatures whose only purpose is to do the devils work here on earth.

Anonymous said...

The Demon-crats are from Hell and are Ruining America

from Within.......Russia & China are sleeping well at night !!!!

They are sitting back and waiting to take over someday !!!!