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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Super Bowl LIII draws lowest overnight ratings in a decade

To some, Super Bowl LIII was enjoyable, a defensive battle that resulted in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever. To many more, it was a snooze, a game featuring two of the four highest-scoring teams of the season only managing one touchdown combined.

Whether it was the matchup – the public at large might be tired of seeing the New England Patriots in the championship, and the Los Angeles Rams are something of an upstart – or other circumstances, viewers weren’t watching in droves.



Anonymous said...

defensive struggle is never exciting. Give me high scoring games

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Drew Brees and the Saints, just saying.

Anonymous said...

The NFL lost me at Kapernik. I haven't been back.

Too many other non-political sports out there to watch.

Anonymous said...

Still the highest rated television event of the year.

The article even admits the number will be higher once streaming watchers are tallied.

First place is still and always first place....

Anonymous said...

So the contest was between the cheating patriots and the fix is in Rams.

Forget it!

I didn't watch a single minute!