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Sunday, January 13, 2019

'I was elected to protect our country'

President Trump on Sunday said that he gets no pleasure from shutting down the government but felt duty-bound to do it to protect the country.

“I don’t like doing this. I have no fun doing this. I was elected to protect our country. That’s what I’m doing,” said the president.

The partial government shutdown continued for a 16th day as the president and Capitol Hill Democrats remained in a standoff over his demand for $5.6 billion for border security, including a barrier or wall on the southern border.

“This shutdown can end tomorrow. It’s really dependent on the Democrats,” said Mr. Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said a border wall is “immoral.” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer said Mr. Trump shut down the government in a “temper tantrum” over not getting his way.

Mr. Trump said he expected “very serious” talks this week that could break the impasse.

“Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and myself could solve this in 20 minutes if they want to. If they don’t want to it’s going to go on for a long time,” he said as he left the White House for Camp David.

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Anonymous said...

Yes and your doing a great job too
Stand your ground
All us deplorables are behind you 100%

Anonymous said...

$5 billion is a pittance in government terms. That much is probably wasted every few days by the Feds. This is all about playing the game for Dems, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

The immigrants are just the new BOOGIE men like Terrorist, The Taliban or Isis. I don't see them in my neighborhood or where I shop. I see more appalling white Americans on Welfare and SSI Disability parking new SUV's in handicap spots at Walmart and Chick -Fa-A.....That name is so funny. Stocking up on soda and fast food like it's the American Dream. Having ill privilege or the credit score to back up there said.....and and their daughters are running with the darkies and Mexicans and grandma is raising half breed babies just like a city Ghetto. The president himself could not even bag a smart American women and goes for these subservient third world blow up doll wives. That are even trashier than we have here. Had he just married some fat american butter queen or something.....he might have a leg to stand on.

Anonymous said...

What a rambling confused jumble of words get some help kook

Anonymous said...

Yes protect us from real threats, not your flights of fancy. Drug: they come across through legal ports of entry. Terrorists: they are being caught on international soil at airports and other areas far away from.the southern border. Illegal immigrants: most of the illegals in the US entered legally then overstayed their Visa. Focus on the real issues for once sir and stop the lies.

Anonymous said...

The "wall" will save more than enough tax dollars to build the wall by not supporting these law breaking illegals and still have tax dollars left over.

Anonymous said...

8:09 Democrat talking points far from what's really happening at the border just listen to the border agents they tell the truth because they live it every day.

Wolf Dog said...

7:01 is just another snowflake.
Doesn't see them in their neighborhood or store ....they need to get out of the basement and open their eyes. Check out the shore stops, seven elevens & small hotels around town. They will see them there.

Anonymous said...

Dem talking points???? Bwahahaha. Try DHS data as well as other past studies. You guys are totally brainwashed. Its scary. Look it up for yourself junior.

Anonymous said...

Lets just use some common sense here. For example, do you really think the tons of drugs needed to flood the US would come in primarily in someones backpack or on an 18 wheeler? Unfortunatley you guys for whatever reason have your head too far in the sand to see easily identifiable facts. The data is readily available from Trumps own cabinet reports. Like Trump you choose to ignore the data and simply create your own fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

Yeah junior lmao

Anonymous said...

Go for it,mr president. I’ With you..