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Friday, December 14, 2018

Reveal the Congressional Hush Fund Hypocrites

Which is worse: candidate, businessman, and then still private citizen Donald Trump using his own money to make what Hillary Clinton might call "bimbo eruptions" go away to protect his brand and himself from personal embarrassment, or Congress using taxpayer money in a slush fund to pay off those sexually harassed by sitting officeholders?

As Penny Nance, president and CEO of Concerned Women for America, notes in USA Today:

Literally a year ago – as the #MeToo era was erupting – the nation was waking up to news that a secret congressional "hush fund" had been used by Members of Congress to pay off accusers of sexual misconduct. Taxpayer money – yours and mine – was used to pay off these alleged victims[.] ...

Nobody knows how many congressmen and Senators are involved, and if [Pelosi] is a willing participant to keep all of this a secret she will forfeit credibility on every other issue[.] ...

What we know already is devastating. We know congressmen John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Blake Fahrentold (R-Tex.) used this "hush fund" to settle with alleged victims. Both men have already left Congress.



Anonymous said...

Point being, Americans should not accept ANY candidate from ANY party that is involved in hush money.

We all know it's dirty and deceitful.. .that is not who we want as a politician in any fashion!

No to Hush Money!

Anonymous said...

There's great potential for a scam to be run with false accusations and the seated congressional member sharing in the $$ after leaving office.

Anonymous said...

The Fund should be canceled ASAP and the money put in a Fund to build the wall. They all should be exposed ASAP and the amount of money. All that has and is using this fund should have to reimburse this amount plus interest back into the fund. If they are a Lawyer, they should be disbarred from practicing law. If they are still holding a Political office then they should be removed and their pay and benefits stopped ASAP. Where is the Liberal Democrats on this subject? Why are they not condemning these Politians in the same manner as they are treating Trump?