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Friday, December 14, 2018

Liberal Liars


Anonymous said...

A little forced perspective goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

they dont know the word "TRUTH"

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Having been in the media I can say yes, it is that easy. But there is also a thing called a "conscience." And for those who actually have one, they are supposed to report the news by way of something else, called "ethics." Not create what they think it should be. Shame on those responsible for creating fake news to promote their own agenda. This is not journalism! Those who undertake the responsibility of reporting news for others to learn and become aware, also undertake the responsibility to tell the truth and follow moral ethics that enable the readership to decide. Journalism has nothing to do with manipulating imagery or content to support an underlying motive that benefits someone or something else outside of the facts as they are presented!

Anonymous said...

Let's not pretend this is a "liberal" thing... this is a MEDIA thing... all media does it.. from all sides of the spectrum.

Saying otherwise means you are misinformed, or deliberately dishonest.