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Thursday, November 29, 2018

GM will No longer make these 6 Cars

(CNN) — General Motors will end production of six sedans by the end of 2019.

North American customers want SUVs, crossovers, hatchbacks and trucks. Sedans have fallen out of favor.

As GM (GM) adjusts to changing customer behavior it is also planning ahead for the future. The company announced massive layoffs and is closing five North American facilities as it transitions to self-driving, electric cars of the future.

The soon-to-be closed plants mean GM will no longer make these cars:

Buick LaCrosse

January – September sales: 13,409, down 14.2%

The LaCrosse is a large car built by a brand that was a pioneer in small crossovers. Buick is still shifting heavily toward crossovers: Sales of the Encore and Enclave crossovers are both up this year. But Buick is struggling after turning itself around a few years ago.
Cadillac CT6


Anonymous said...

Good. I don't plan to buy a Government Made Car (GMC) at any time.

Anonymous said...

As for me and my family we haven't bought any GM products in the last 5 years and now will never ever buy from this bunch of Traitors!

Anonymous said...

Good! That will be less of the gm junk on the roads.

Anonymous said...

What will all of the nuns and priests drive if not Buicks?

Anonymous said...

657 BMWs and Mercedes when no one is paying attention!

Anonymous said...

Stop buying GM cars in the 70s when my new car left me stranded with my 6 month old daughter in the middle of no where. Car just stopped running. Towed to some hotel until my parents picked us up. Never ever GM again. Junk

Anonymous said...

GM and Ford have been guilty of causing this roller coaster boom or bust auto business,
They both (GM and Ford) overproduce cars and trucks and stuff the dealers full of them until they saturate the market. Then they buy financing to sell these vehicles to people that have no business buying a new car and little hope of actually paying back the loan.

GM and Ford cannot produce cars at a competitive price so they have all their eggs in the truck and utility vehicle market. As soon as the price of gas goes up, the truck and utility market will dry up.

GM and Ford need to go the way of Sears and Kmart.

Anonymous said...

This is making me regret buying a new GM pickup two years ago.

Anonymous said...

If you needed TAXPAYERS MONEY to stay afloat. Then the TAXPAYERS own this company.