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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ex-Staffer Says Facebook Has 'A Black People Problem'

A former African American Facebook staffer unloaded on the social media platform Tuesday, charging the tech giant has “a black people problem.”

In his post, Mark Luckie explains why he quit, and how he believes Facebook is failing its black employees and black users.

“You can see this reflected in everything from the guest lists of Facebook's external programs, the industry events the company has historically sponsored, the creators and influencers who appear in Explore tabs on Instagram, the power users who are verified on the platforms, and more,” he wrote.

Luckie shared the post with all employees at Facebook earlier this month before he exited the company.

The former staffer said black employees like him are often met with surprise by co-workers who say things like “I didn't know black people worked at Facebook."

And the platform suffers because of it.

“We are continually missing opportunities to engage with groups whose use of our family of products is fundamentally different than the general population,” he wrote.



Anonymous said...

Right and after 75 plus years I'm am now getting a "black problem". I never owned any nor treated any with nothing but respect, still do and get it in return. But, there are many that rub me wrong in the media and I for one am tired of hearing black, black, black. I always treat people the way they treat me, so if they want to complain, so shall I.

Anonymous said...

Our whole country has this problem too!

Anonymous said...

11:00 pm, speak for yourself. I'm with 10:50 on this. The MSM creates more racism than is truly around me in my life, unfortunately though too many still listen to the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are about 16% of the population. So why are so many TV programs half and half? Why do so many commercials feature as many if not more Blacks than Whites?

Anonymous said...

I love when people spew "I treat people like they treat me" LMAO. You must live up on the hill with a white picket fence. Live anywhere near them and you'll be a target. Guaranteed!! Then come back and tell us how you treat them. Or your kids get jumped walking around just for being white. Your SOOOOO FREAKING embarrassing. Your understanding of human behavior is mythical.

Anonymous said...

Even when there are no newsworthy race incidents to report the MSM brings up actions from the past. One subtle item is in the Baltimore Sun. For years they have had a picture of a noose hanging from a branch. The picture is there each and every day to stoke the coals of the past.

Anonymous said...

Damn fool is lying his azz off. There is no where near the amount of racism in America as they claim. They use it as a way to get the things they want.

Anonymous said...

@ November 30, 2018 at 7:33 AM. Because blacks have been complaining, crying, moaning and cussing that there are not enough blacks on t v, in movies, in commercials, etc. I guess they are not smart enough to know that there have been blacks in movies since it all started. There have been plenty of blacks in t v since it started. Plus if you notice they make sure when a black is in a commercial or movie or t v show that they have a white woman. It's all just made to tick whites off. It's rare that they have a black woman with a white man.. Entertainment has become racial all because of the complaining of people who have no idea of what they are complaining about. Claiming that there is racism everywhere in America, when that is just simply not true. Even that moron Obama claimed racism when he was younger. Car doors being locked when he crossed the street. Must have had really good ears to hear that. He never had it so good being raised by a white family. Sick of black this, black that, Ah is black and lives a terrible life. Oh, give it a rest already.