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Thursday, July 26, 2018

AG Sessions Deports Obama’s ‘Undocumented Immigrant’ Code

The incorrect and deceptive “undocumented immigrant” term is being deported to nowheresville by the Department of Justice, which henceforth will refer to unapproved migrants as “illegal aliens.”

The misleading “undocumented” term was favored by President Barack Obama’s pro-migration deputies, but President Donald Trump’s agency officials instead will use the term set by federal law — “illegal alien.”

The language shift policy will help journalists and voters quickly recognize when suspected criminals are foreigners, and will make it more difficult for media editors, progressives or business groups to hide the civic impact of cheap-labor migration.

The policy is set out in an agency statement..


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr. President, for following the law.

Anonymous said...

No more sugar coating!
Call it what it is!
Illegal is illegal!

Get the wall built - get the policy fixed!
No citizenship - no foreign interference!

More winning!

Anonymous said...

Please get this illegal garbage out of this country

Anonymous said...

The media will not use the term. They will continue to say undocumented